A Brief History of the Commission


July 1, 1999 – The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OCF) was established through an amendment to the 2000-2001 biennial budget bill and codified in  the Ohio Revised Code, section 5101.34. The bill was originally introduced as HB 195 in the 123rd Ohio General Assembly. Ten million dollars in TANF funds were appropriated for the Commission in the biennial budget.  Click          to see and hear from Peter Lawson Jones on why he drafted the bill creating OCF.

Second half of 2000 – The OCF was constituted and began formally meeting.  The commissioners developed a mission statement, appointed Tony Panzino as Executive Director and allocated funds to support community-based fatherhood programs across the state through County Family and Children First Councils.

July 1, 2001   The OCF was not funded in the 2002-2003 biennial budget. Although it was not decommissioned, activity ceased.

November 2006 – Acting Governor Strickland appointed the OCF Transition Agency Review Committee which issued a report recommending resuscitating and funding the commission.

July 1, 2007 – The OCF received $2 million in TANF funds per year in the 2008-2009 biennial budget.

November 2007 – The OCF, under the umbrella of the Governor’s Office on Faith Based and Community Initiatives, resumed formal meetings after a hiatus of nearly six and a half years.

July 2008 – The OCF funded 10 community-based programs throughout the state through a competitive RFGA process. Tracy Robinson was selected as the Executive Director.

July 1, 2009 – The OCF received $1 million in TANF funds per year in the 2010-2011 biennial budget. An RFGA was released to fund community-based fatherhood programs throughout Ohio.

2010 – The OCF awarded funding to 8 community-based fatherhood programs located throughout Ohio.

2011 – The OCF launched the Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative which provided community-mobilization training and capacity-building grants to 12 Ohio counties.

July 1, 2011 – The OCF received $1 million in TANF funds per year in the 2012-2013 biennial budget. The budget bill amended Ohio Revised Code section 5101.34 giving the Governor authority to appoint the Executive Director of the Commission who would then report to the Director of the ODJFS.

2012  – The OCF awarded grants to 8 community-based fatherhood programs and selected an outside contractor to evaluate the effectiveness of those funded programs. Kimberly Dent was named Executive Director of OCF. 


2013  –  The OCF awarded grants to 6 community-based fatherhood programs which provided services to multiple counties in one of five regions of Ohio.


2014 - The OCF provide training to four additional counties as part of the Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative, funded two pilot projects and cosponsored more than 25  high-visibility fatherhood celebrations and responsible fatherhood campaigns throughout Ohio in June, which Gov. Kasich declared to be "Responsible Fatherhood Month."   OCF co-sponsored a state-wide fatherhood summit with OPNFF.


2015 - OCF selected eight fatherhood programs for funding for the next two years.  Six serve multiple counties and two serve one county each.  This is the first year OCF provided two levels of funding to allow less experience fatherhood programs to gain funds and technical support.  OCF receives $10 Million federal grant to serve new and expectant fathers.




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