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The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Ohio's children by providing opportunities for fathers to become better parents, partners and providers. Since August 2014, current OCF-funded programs have served more than 4,500 fathers, potentially benefiting more than 9,000 children. When reading the success stories below it is evident that OCF programs are making a difference in the lives of Ohio families.

Success Stories

Talbert House / Hamilton County
Lawrence had always done his best to be an outstanding father. Before the birth of his three children – 4-year-old Ava, 3-year-old Hanna and 1-year-old Jozie – he had a steady employment history, including work as a manager at a local pizza restaurant. The birth of his children changed him dramatically. Two of his children have disabilities. Hanna has multiple medical diagnoses, including cerebral palsy. Ava also has multiple diagnoses, including Turner syndrome. By 2012, Lawrence was his children's primary caregiver; though he did not have legal custody of them and readily admits he was ill-equipped to be a good father. To read more about Lawrence's story click here>>>

WSOS Community Action / Sandusky County
Randy came to WSOS seeking help. He and his wife were homeless. They had recently been told to leave the tent they had been sleeping in, which was located in the backyard of Randy’s stepmother. They had spent the last two nights on a park bench. The year before, they had lost custody of their children because of a lack of stable housing, a lack of stable employment, and domestic issues related to a prior domestic menacing charge. To read more about Randy's story click here>>>

Fame Fathers / Summit County
MG was desperate. He found himself homeless and alone, in part because of his ongoing battle with substance abuse. His addiction had already cost him custody of his daughter, and his circumstances seemed to be getting worse by the day. Then he began attending the Responsible Fatherhood classes led by Fame Fathers facilitator Lorenzo Lewis at Summit County Children Services. During a heartfelt conversation with Lorenzo, MG expressed that he “didn’t want to ever lose another child” because of his behavior. To read more about the MG's story click here>>>


ForeverDads / Muskingum County
Jack knew about the Forever Dads Center for Fathers & Families through his mother and great-grandmother, who both volunteer for the InsideOut DAD program at Noble Correctional Institution. When his friend Ryan found out he was going to be a father, Jack knew where to turn for help. He introduced Ryan to the center’s Boot Camp for New Dads program. To read more about Ryan's story click here>>>


Urban Light Ministries / Madison County
During a Nurturing Fathers for Life session at Madison Correctional Institution, a participant stated that he would never be able to see or have any contact with his children because of their mother. The instructor suggested that he not think or speak so negatively. Our words are more powerful than many realize, he said, and we should try to describe things the way they are, not the way we fear they will be. “Never, ever give up,” he added. To read more about the participant's story click here>>>

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