Ohio Commission on Fatherhood Executive Director

Kimberly Dent is the Executive Director of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. She has more than a decade of government service and has held various positions with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.  Prior to joining the Commission as Executive Director in 2012, Kim served as then ODJFS Director Douglas Lumpkin's designee to the Commission.  She has extensive experience and knowledge of Ohio's Child Support policies and procedures having worked in the Child Support program for fourteen years.

Director Dent does extensive community outreach and public speaking about the message that promoting responsible fatherhood is much less costly than paying for the consequences of father absence.  When fathers acquire the skills they need to be responsible fathers, children are better off and better positioned to build their own strong families; families are better off because of fathers' love, care and emotional and financial support; and taxpayer dollars are saved as families are more likely to be well-functioning and self-sufficient. 

In addition to her duties as Executive Director, Ms. Dent serves as Co-chair of the Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality Fatherhood Involvement Workgroup, a member of Ohio's Child Support Strategic Workgroup and a member of Ohio's Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition.

Director Dent holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Ohio University and is a candidate for her Doctorate in Law and Public Policy at Walden University.


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2020 Commission Meeting Dates:  Feb.13, May 14, July 9, Sept. 10, and Nov. 12.  

All of the  commission meetings are from 10AM to noon in the Riffe Tower in downtown Columbus.  If you would like to attend a commission meeting, please contact Terri Simons at 614-752-0182.  Click the highlighted text to learn more about the commission meetings.

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