Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative Participation Form

By completing this Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative participation form the applicant agrees that all identified partners listed below have committed to complete the activities below. The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood will respond to your submission and provide status. The number of participating counties will be based upon available resources.

The applicant agrees:

  • To participate in community mobilization trainings including webinars and in-person trainings
  • To complete on-line surveys
  • To participate in the "Community Conversation"
  • To complete a Fatherhood Action Plan for your county

OCFI Participation Form

  • Person Submitting Form

  • Identify Team Members, County Commissioner or State Representative

  • Judge or Court Representative

  • Director of Child Support

  • Director of Child Welfare

  • Faith Based Organization or/and Local Business Leader

  • Community Father

  • Corrections representative from jail or community corrections located in the county

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Upcoming Events

The Commission Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 10:00 am. – 12:00 p.m. It will be a virtual Zoom Webinar. The audience is encouraged to utilize the chat Q&A to interact with the Commissioners, guest speaker(s), and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OCF) staff. 

Please click here to join the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood Meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 18, 2021 Commissioners’ Meeting.
You may also call using 1-301-715-8592.

Please Note: We are unable to provide technical assistance during meetings. 

2021 Commission Meeting Dates:    Feb. 11, May 13, Sept. 9 and Nov. 18.  

If you would like to attend a commission meeting, please contact Terri Simons at 614-752-0182.  Click the highlighted text to learn more about the commission meetings
Want to know more about the OCF Commission Meetings? Click on the highlighted text to learn more. Please e-mail Terri.Simons@jfs.ohio.gov if you have any questions.