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Child Support

Ohio is one of seven states to be awarded a federal grant to create the Building Assets for Fathers and Families (BAFF) program.  Noncustodial parents with child support orders in Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties are eligible to participate.  The BAFF program is designed to help these low income parents better able to provide for their children through financial education and by establishing savings accounts to purchase a home, education or business.  For more information about how the BAFF program works click here.

BAFF brochure

Ohio is required by law to review the basic child support schedule every four years to determine whether child support orders issued in accordance with the schedule adequately provide for the needs of children. The Ohio Child Support Guidelines Advisory Council convenes for this purpose. During the review process, the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood submitted a letter containing specific recommendations to remove barriers to the payment of child support.  Click to read  Letter>>

Vicki Turetsky, Commissioner for the Office of Child Support Enforcement
in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration was a featured speaker at the Ohio 2010 CSEA Directors Conference which the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood co-sponsored.  The April 2010 issue of the U.S.Office of Child Support Report includes an article by Commissioner Turetsky about improved customer service in child support offices which mentions Ohio.  The issue includes a write-up about the Cuyahoga County promising practice known as "Front Desk/Fast Service".  Click to read  Article>>

Infant Mortality Task Force

Despite continuing statewide and local efforts, the number of babies dying in Ohio exceeds the national rate and has not improved in more than a decade. To try and find new solutions and approaches, in the fall of 2009 the Ohio Department of Health convened an Infant Mortality Task Force. The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood serves on the Maternal Care Committee of the Task Force and made the following recommendations: More>>

Ohio Family and Children First Family Engagement

The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood serves on the OFCF Family Engagement Committee. The OFCF Family Engagement Committee believes the state can have the most impact for parents and professionals while also achieving efficiency with its limited resources by increasing the coordination and awareness of Ohio's family engagement efforts. Click to read Report>>

Federal Recommendations for Advancing Fatherhood

President Obama established The President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to develop recommendations for partnership and program opportunities to strengthen fatherhood and the role of fathers in supporting healthy families. They issued a final report of their Recommendations for Advancing Fatherhood in March 2009.  Click to read  Report>>

The United States House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means held hearings in June 2010 to review the effectiveness of Responsible Fatherhood Programs in improving the relationship between non-custodial parents and their children, as well as their ability to provide financial support.  Among those testifying was David Hansell, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families.  In his testimony, Secretary Hansell highlighted Ohio for the exemplary work of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood.  OCF also submitted proponent testimony.  Click to read more about the Hearings>>

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