in June 2017, The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood co-sponsored fatherhood celebrations and responsible fatherhood campaigns throughout Ohio during the month of June. In partnership with community-based agencies and organizations, these celebrations reached into urban, suburban and rural areas. Responsible Fatherhood Month is designed to: provide crucial information to help fathers be better parents, partners and providers; promote positive fathering and co-parenting; showcase local providers of fatherhood resources and information; and highlight the alarming number of fatherless children in Ohio.



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2020 Commission Meeting Dates:  Feb.13, May 14, July 9, Sept. 10, and Nov. 12.  

All of the  commission meetings are from 10AM to noon in the Riffe Tower in downtown Columbus.  If you would like to attend a commission meeting, please contact Terri Simons at 614-752-0182.  Click the highlighted text to learn more about the commission meetings.

Free Curriculum Training:  March 31, April 1 and 2, 2020
OCF is offerring free training and curriculum for the first 25 to register for the Nurturing Fathers training.  See Eventbrite for more details