Ohio Commission on Fatherhood on Engaging the Community

The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood is committed to participating in fatherhood-related programs, conferences, symposiums and other forums to increase public awareness of the central role fathers play in their children’s lives. One of four core objectives of the Commission is to Engage Communities. Executive Director Tracy Robinson delivers keynote addresses and meets with interested community members because he believes engaging communities is essential to the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood’s work.

By engaging communities we can explore ways in which fathers, community organizations and government can come together to encourage responsible fatherhood and stronger communities. Community programs are opportunities to hear directly from people in local communities about how we can encourage personal responsibility and strengthen Ohio families. By collaborating with government organizations, welfare agencies, and faith based entities we can make fundamental changes that strengthen families. Being present in the community is essential to understanding the specific father-related issues that affect community members. Community conversations about fatherhood increase awareness of citizens and government officials and creates a more rooted understanding of responsible fatherhood.

Engaging communities results in more engaged fathers. Engaging fathers positively affects the social, behavioral, psychological and cognitive outcomes of children. Fathers are the source of family and economic stability so they need to become part of the conversation.



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The Commission Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 10:00 am. – 12:00 p.m. It will be a virtual Zoom Webinar. The audience is encouraged to utilize the chat Q&A to interact with the Commissioners, guest speaker(s), and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OCF) staff. 

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2021 Commission Meeting Dates:    Feb. 11, May 13, Sept. 9 and Nov. 18.  

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